Monday, June 18, 2012

Empress Theodora, Queen Dido, Boudicca and Attila the Hun wreak havoc in Civilization V: Gods and Kings

Tomorrow, the latest installment in Sid Meier's Civilization franchise, the expansion pack Civilization V: Gods and Kings, makes its appearance.  A number of ancient personalities are incorporated into this full expansion pack including:

  • Byzantium / Theodora: The 6th century empress rules the only civilization that can add an additional belief modifier to its founded religion. 
  • Carthage / Dido: The founder and queen of Carthage gets a free harbor in all coastal cities. The empire’s famous war elephants replace standard mounted units, and can cross mountains after the first Great General is born.
  • Celts / Boudicca: Forest tiles give the tribal queen extra Faith points through the “Druidic Lore” ability.
  • Huns / Attila: The ruler of the Asian warrior nomads can lay waste to opposing cities at twice the normal speed thanks to his “Scourge of God” ability. Bonus production points for pasture improvements.
  • Maya / Pacal: Pacal receives an extra Great Person at the end of every Mayan calendar cycle — that’s 394 years.
I thought the addition of Mayan ruler Pacal was particularly appropriate this year since we'll all have a chance to find out just how accurate Mayan soothsayers were on December 21.

Matt Silverman of Mashable Entertainment tells us that, much to the relief of disappointed Civ enthusiasts who found religion missing in the original release of Civ V, religion will be added back in this expansion pack.

"Religion is not simply overlaid on the existing game," Silverman observes. "It seeps down deep into every other mechanic, which is why this expansion is so successful". 

Silverman also points out that espionage has returned with this expansion pack as well.

"The absence of spies in Civ V was also cause for concern at the initial release. Embedding stealth units behind enemy lines in Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword remains a highlight of that expansion.
Gods & Kings brings espionage back, but completely re-imagines it. Spies are no longer units on the map, but agents tasked with missions in rival cities. You start with one spy the moment any civ reaches the Renaissance era, and earn an additional agent for each subsequent era. Spies improve their rank with each successful mission."

So, for Civilization fans that had been disillusioned with Civilization V, now's your chance to restore your faith!

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Friday, March 04, 2011

Slitherine releases Field of Glory Legions Triumphant Expansion Pack

Legions Triumphant: Field of Glory Imperial Rome Army List
Field of Glory Legions Triumphant
 (Field of Glory Expansion Pack) is now available to download from Slitherine

Relive the glory years of Rome in this latest Field of Glory expansion. Developed by Hexwar, Legions Triumphant is the fifth installment in the Field of Glory series of add-ons, following on from Rise of Rome, Storm of Arrows, Swords and Scimitars, and Immortal Fire.

The expansion releases on both PC and Mac formats and comes with a huge number of changes incorporated in the latest product update 1.5.0 which is launching alongside Legions Triumphant. Some new features coming in the 1.5.0 update include the release of the Digital Army Generator to all owners Field of Glory (including those who don’t own any expansions!), new D.A.G. army lists especially for owners of Rise of Rome, and a few more new things.

Field of Glory Legions Triumphant covers the armies of the Roman Empire and its opponents from 25 BC to 493 AD: From the first Emperor, Augustus, until the final demise of the Western Roman Empire. Legions Triumphant lets you relive the glory years of Rome, when the Roman army became a seemingly unstoppable juggernaut, spreading the Empire across the known world. This is an essential companion to the Field of Glory experience. Choose to play as the Roman Legions and conquer the world, or try to change history by taking up the reins of one of Rome's enemies and defeating the greatest empire the world had ever seen.

New features include:
• A new map selections tool. The player winning the initiative can now select their preferred battlefield.
• 14 new random maps to the D.A.G. battles system. There are now 41 small maps, 111 medium sized maps and 73 large maps in the D.A.G. system.
• 22 Legions Triumphant D.A.G. lists in 47 variations from Principate Roman to Hephthalite Hunnic.
• 15 new battles stretching from Bibracte (58BC) to Mons Badonicus (517AD)

For a short time Slitherine is also offering a 20% discount on orders.

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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Serpent of Isis: Your Journey Continues /

Serpent of Isis: Your Journey Continues / "Find the Tomb of Isis and finish the search that Robert's Grandpa started! Travel the globe and find clues that will help on your search! After Professor Thomas Penroy is kidnapped, it's up to you to take over the hunt for the legendry Tomb of Isis in this perplexing Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game. Unravel ancient mysteries and solve incredible riddles in Serpent of Isis � Your Journey Continues!"

The graphics look promising and I enjoy hidden object challenges! I wish they had it available for the iPhone but its a PC-based game. I see that its system requirements say Windows XP/Vista but I double checked the help forum on Big Fish Games and it says all downloadable games have been tested and are compatible with Windows 7 as well.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Romance of Rome Hidden Object Game for IPhone/IPad due Feb 17

Travel to every corner of the ancient city of Rome like Coliseum, Thermae, Forum and more, collect skillfully hidden items, earn money, get original trophies and complete challenging quests to earn love and worship of Roman citizens.  - Awem Studios

Gamers get to embark on an exciting journey along with Marcus as he makes his way to Rome in order to find the emperor’s valuable imperial relics and win his daughter’s hand in marriage. Merchants encountered along the way provide special items which are purchasable by gamers.

Romance of Rome boasts of including 30 dazzling levels as well as 7 adventurous episodes. All these events are strewn across 17 stunning locations all over Rome. - G5 Entertainment

I've actually  found hidden object games a fun way to spend time waiting in lines or at doctor's offices.  They're especially fun when the game developers use a historical setting as a backdrop.  I purchased one that features a search of the Vatican and downloaded another that takes place in ancient Mesopotamia.  I'll be setting a reminder to download this one on February 17!

Rome Total War Anthology (Total War, Alexander & Barbarian)   CivCity: Rome   Europa Universalis Rome Gold   Grand Ages: Rome
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ministry of War online strategy game latest offering from Aeria Games

Aeria Games has launched its latest browser based game Ministry of War, an empire-building strategy and tactical warfare game in which players have the option of choosing from four ancient civilizations such as Rome, China, Persia, and Egypt, with the ability to play through five different ages: Savage, Dark, Feudal, Castle and Empire. 

Features include:
  • Eight different types of real-time combat, including PvE, PvP, city sieges, and NPC boss battles.
  • As each player's civilization expands, they can join guilds and partake in massive civilization vs. civilization (CvC) warfare.
  • Increase your cultural influence by building religious sites and dispatching missionaries to help your civilization grow.
  • No download or client required, Ministry of War can be played through a web browser
Although the game is advertised as "free to play", like all of the Aeria games, the game environment includes  in-game "malls" or advertising offering items for sale (for real money) to help you advance in the game, the game publisher's actual source of revenue (much like Second Life).
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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

2008's Call of Atlantis rebooted for Nintendo DS

This combo game that includes Match3, Hidden Object and Reverse Hidden Object challenges originally developed for the PC in 2008 is getting a chance for a new life in its incarnation for the Nintendo DS released this month.

A fascinating journey through the ancient lands of Rome, Greece, Troy, Phoenicia, Babylon, Egypt and Carthage awaits you. Collect seven mysterious power crystals, cool the wrath of Poseidon, the god of Atlantis, and save the hidden continent of legend.


- The game where old mythical stories meet modern time game play.
- The match 3 game that was enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people on the PC.
- A unique mix of Match 3, Hidden Object and Adverture.
- 66 enchanting levels, unlimited game play

I see that it is still available for PC download from Amazon too for only $6.99 and has garnered an average review rating of 4.5 stars out of 5.  Not bad!!

Call of Atlantis [Game Download]   The Hunt for Atlantis: A Novel   Ancient Mysteries - Atlantis: The Lost Civilization
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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Caesary online MMORPG released by Aeria Games

Aeria Games, an online gaming company based in Japan, has released a browser-based game entitled "Caesary" that resembles one of my old favorites, Caesar III.  Apparently you can play the game online for free and does not require a download.  I wondered how the company produces revenue so I did some research and found that, although they allow players to play the game for free, they have advertising "in world" and offer game-related items for sale in virtual malls that accept micropayments.  This sounds like the type of malls you find throughout many environments created in Second Life.

Here's the official game trailer from YouTube:

Friday, February 26, 2010

Slitherine teams with History Channel to release History Egypt:: Engineering an Empire

I see Slitherine, the company that released "Legion", "Gates of Troy" and "Field of Glory", has teamed up with the History Channel to produce "History Egypt: Engineering an Empire".  

"HISTORY™ Egypt Engineering an Empire allows players to build their own empire from its foundations to the height of its power. Acting as the leader of a territory from the Egyptian Empire, players manage all aspects of its rise, from economic growth to political power, the development of armies, and expansion into other regions by war and diplomacy.
Empires are controlled from three main views: the Campaign Map shows the entire game world, including mountains, forests, coastlines, oceans, rivers, cites, and armies. The City Map gives players an overview of the structure and role of a city within the empire, and provides a basis for economic decisions. The Battle Map is to be used when diplomacy has run its course or when a city is being attacked, resulting in turn-based combat.
All nations, cities and armies were carefully researched to ensure historical accuracy. The game is accessible for new users, while offering deeper gameplay for expert players." - Slitherine

I noted with particular interest that they are releasing an iPhone version of the game.  I checked out the graphics and they are rather modest so an iPhone version could be a worthwhile download.  More and more I find I am turning to my iPhone to pass the time when I am waiting for doctors, airplanes or automotive services.  The only thing that looks a little odd is when I am playing iFishing and I am either casting my line or setting the hook since both actions require the appropriate physical action with the iPhone to activate its accelerometer functions.  The other day I was waiting to see a specialist and was happily fishing away on my iPhone when he finally walked in.  He greeted me and asked me what was the problem and I replied " But..I've got a fish on!!"

If you preorder the game, Slitherine will enter you in a drawing for a copy of the History Channel DVD "Egypt: Engineering an Empire".  The drawing will be March 25, 2010.

Egypt: Engineering an Empire - Signature Series : 3 Disc Box Set Version   Legion Gold   History Channel: Great Battles of Rome for PC

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mac Gamers can explore ancient Egypt in Mystery of Cleopatra

For you Mac gamers out there, Mac Games and More suggests a couple of games set in ancient Egypt  The screenshot of the Mystery of Cleopatra game looks really beautiful!

Mystery of Cleopatra – Mystery of Cleopatra is Nat Geo Games’ second Mac game just following the success of the popular hidden objects game, Lost City of Z. In Mystery of Cleopatra, you’re the queen’s trusted adviser who sets out to investigate the murder of a Roman soldier by piecing together hidden objects and mind twisting puzzles. During your meticulous review of the case, you will be immersed in the intricate culture of ancient Egypt, and as you investigate, the game shares enlightening and detailed  information about the history of each place you visit, which will enhance the experience for gaming history buffs. Download it 

Empire Builder Ancient Egypt – It has been a while since the release of the popular Build a Lot series for Mac, and some of those gamers have been looking for something new like it. Have no fear. Empire Builder Ancient Egypt is here.   Head back in time to Ancient Egypt to construct an Empire deserving of the highest regal repute. Help powerful pharaohs build along the verdant Nile River and establish their life legacy. This detailed Strategy Sim game for Mac challenges you to protect your people from locust plagues and hideous mummies, while creating the most impressive Empire the world has ever seen. Download it

Unfortunately, I no longer have access to a Mac now that I am retired.  I checked the iTunes app store to see if they had a version for an iPhone since I do have one of those but no luck.  I did find an interesting sounding hidden objects adventure game, though, called Secrets of the Vatican where you not only find different types of hidden objects but you search for the Spear of Longinus so you can prevent the Nazis from using it against the Allies in WWII.  I see today it is now been released for free.  Just my luck!  I just bought it yesterday for 99 cents!!

Secrets of the Vatican: The Holy Lance - "In this first title of a 3-game collection, investigate the Vatican’s secrets and reassemble the pieces of the Holy Lance of Longinus in this game of hidden objects designed exclusively for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Considered as one of the most desired relics, the Holy Lance brings victory and conquest to the men who possess it... Father Bellarmo Bagatti, art historian of the Church of Rome, is in charge of a mission of the highest importance: to retrieve the Holy Lance before the Germans seize it. The outcome of World War II depends on your success!"

PHARAOH GOLD - (PHARAOH+CLEOPATRA, 2CDS)   Caesar & Cleopatra Board Game   Amazing Adventures: The Forgotten Ruins