Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mac Gamers can explore ancient Egypt in Mystery of Cleopatra

For you Mac gamers out there, Mac Games and More suggests a couple of games set in ancient Egypt  The screenshot of the Mystery of Cleopatra game looks really beautiful!

Mystery of Cleopatra – Mystery of Cleopatra is Nat Geo Games’ second Mac game just following the success of the popular hidden objects game, Lost City of Z. In Mystery of Cleopatra, you’re the queen’s trusted adviser who sets out to investigate the murder of a Roman soldier by piecing together hidden objects and mind twisting puzzles. During your meticulous review of the case, you will be immersed in the intricate culture of ancient Egypt, and as you investigate, the game shares enlightening and detailed  information about the history of each place you visit, which will enhance the experience for gaming history buffs. Download it 

Empire Builder Ancient Egypt – It has been a while since the release of the popular Build a Lot series for Mac, and some of those gamers have been looking for something new like it. Have no fear. Empire Builder Ancient Egypt is here.   Head back in time to Ancient Egypt to construct an Empire deserving of the highest regal repute. Help powerful pharaohs build along the verdant Nile River and establish their life legacy. This detailed Strategy Sim game for Mac challenges you to protect your people from locust plagues and hideous mummies, while creating the most impressive Empire the world has ever seen. Download it

Unfortunately, I no longer have access to a Mac now that I am retired.  I checked the iTunes app store to see if they had a version for an iPhone since I do have one of those but no luck.  I did find an interesting sounding hidden objects adventure game, though, called Secrets of the Vatican where you not only find different types of hidden objects but you search for the Spear of Longinus so you can prevent the Nazis from using it against the Allies in WWII.  I see today it is now been released for free.  Just my luck!  I just bought it yesterday for 99 cents!!

Secrets of the Vatican: The Holy Lance - "In this first title of a 3-game collection, investigate the Vatican’s secrets and reassemble the pieces of the Holy Lance of Longinus in this game of hidden objects designed exclusively for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Considered as one of the most desired relics, the Holy Lance brings victory and conquest to the men who possess it... Father Bellarmo Bagatti, art historian of the Church of Rome, is in charge of a mission of the highest importance: to retrieve the Holy Lance before the Germans seize it. The outcome of World War II depends on your success!"

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