Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rise of the Argonauts gets 6.6 - 9.5 in critic reviews

I noticed this morning that has "Rise of the Argonauts" on sale ($19.99) so I checked out what other reviewers thought of this role-playing title. One critic from Gamespot rated the game quite highly saying the atmosphere was quite authentic and voice acting was excellent - not always the case with some titles. I guess the biggest criticism was the game involves a lot of character interaction rather than combat. I personally would find that to be a positive feature. Perhaps as a female I prefer to develop relationships rather than fight at the drop of a hat. The critic did note that the combat sequences become more frequent as you get closure to your goal though.

I have a stack of games still in the shrink wrap that I haven't had time to try out but I'm tempted to go ahead and order this one.

An Epic Scale Greek Mythology RPG
As the King of Iolcus, Jason had everything – a prosperous kingdom, the respect of his peers and a beautiful fiance. But when she was assassinated on their wedding day, Jason vowed to take revenge on her killers – to do anything to restore her life and earn back the respect of his subjects.

To accomplish this heroic feat, Jason must seek out the Golden Fleece and with the help of Greek mythology’s greatest heroes, set sail on the most epic voyage of all.

Engage in Brutal Combat Against Beasts and Enemies!
An epic scale action RPG, Rise of the Argonauts immerses players in a gladiatorial adventure set in the vibrant and powerful world of Ancient Greece brought to life. Taking the role of Jason, players will battle alongside Hercules, Achilles and other Argonauts as they engage in brutal combat against formidable beasts and enemies, in a vast world alive with wondrous inhabitants and stunning panoramas.

The search for the Golden Fleece is not only one of exploration but of transformation: from warrior king to exalted hero touched by the gods.

Streamlined RPG Experience
Gamers will spend more time playing and less time micro-managing inventory and resources through a streamlined HUD and inventory system. Players can earn unique powers and abilities, but avoid tedious record keeping by dedicating deeds to a god of choice.

Characters become stronger with armor and weapons upgrades significant in scope, leaving enemies nearly helpless. Players must learn to appease the Gods and interact wisely with those they encounter , as decisions impact the story flow and available missions.

Unleash Devastating Attacks
Players will assemble the most effective team of Argonauts for each mission to put the best battle plan forward. Lethal combinations of weapons and powers granted by the Gods, combined with the battle-tested loyalty of the Argonauts, make Jason a devastating force in combat.

Players will change weapons on the fly to outmaneuver and inflict lethally devastating attacks on opponents, decapitating them with swords or cutting them in half with shields.

Mythological Ancient Greece Brought to Life
Players will battle deadly foes, fearsome opponents and legendary monsters while experiencing a living, breathing and vivid ancient world taking players far beyond the generic broken statues and ruins that so often define the myth.

The thrill of battle and intensity of action is strengthened through Tyler Bates’ (300 composer) epic musical score. - Gamespot

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Chariots of War on sale now at Gamespot

Although this title is listed as on sale for the next 88 hours, it will probably be available in Gamespot's "Blow Out Deals" section after that so I am giving everyone a heads up notice about it.

4000 years ago in the Cradle of Civilization, mighty Empires fought for water, resources and the arable land in the Fertile Crescent.

Play the Egyptians in chariots of war, Babylonians in bronze armour, screaming Nubian warriors, and the Assyrians behind their walls of stone.

Develop your country by producing commodities and sell them to your neighbours.

Raise glorious armies and wage wars of conquest. Roll over the plains in the childhood of Mankind with your Chariots of War!

Play one of 58 different nations covering the entire Middle East. Build hundreds of buildings and city improvements.

Recruit units from nearly 30 different troop types for your invincible armies. A Random Event System depicts the era in colourful detail.

The happiness and welfare of your cities’ inhabitants will depend on overpopulation. Keep revolutionaries at bay by developing temples, entertainment and other buildings.

Constant technological advances will increase the development of your tribe. Trade in your resources with other territories and send diplomats out to gather information.

- Gamespot

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Grand Ages Rome

Raise massive armies and embark on epic campaigns to expand the Empire and take control of the known world! Engage in grand-scale city building and create magnificent cities with creativity and control like never before. Intuitive controls make it easy to launch bone-crushing combat missions and manage every aspect of your thriving civilization.

After decades in exile, your family name has been all but forgotten in Rome.
But the departure of the tyrant Sulla has changed everything, and Rome stands on the brink of a new era. Sides must be chosen as Caesar and Pompey battle for control of the Republic.

The stage is set for you to gain power and influence over one of the greatest civilizations in history.

Build an Empire worth fighting for!

Featuring 4X Real-Time Strategy:

Explore - Journey to ancient Gaul, Britannia, Egypt, and more to colonize barbarians and establish new trade routes.

Expand - Stake your claim throughout the known world in the name of Rome! Help build the empire through military conquest and economic prowess.

Exploit - Natural resources are yours for the taking as you establish farming, mining, and logging operations. Raze barbarian villages for riches, labor, and property.

Exterminate - Destroy all who stand in the way of Rome's glory! Defend your territories by land and sea to secure peace and prosperity for the empire

Set Your Sights on Domination!

Advanced Battle System
Take command of 18 different military units, including naval command, elephant cavalry, and mercenary forces. Recruit citizens of Rome, draft captured enemy forces, and pay foreign squads for their special skills. Defend and expand the Empire by land and sea with exciting RTS gameplay.

Intense Multiplayer

Online multiplayer functionality with 6 different strategy modes - play competitively or cooperatively. Create buddy lists and challenge your friends to a battle, or use the matching system and take on an unknown foe with the same skill level. Advance your career and increase your rank from praetor to consul and beyond.

Epic Campaigns

Rub shoulders with Julius Caesar, Mark Antony, Cleopatra and more in a non-linear historical campaign featuring over 40 missions. Choose your own fate as you create and destroy alliances with more than 20 different historical figures. Celebrate your victories by erecting legendary monuments such as the Coliseum, Circus Maximus, the Pantheon, and more.

Complex Economy
Flow resources eliminate tedious micromanagement, giving you the freedom to create thriving cities with multileveled economic systems. Information overlays visualize the city economy and satisfaction of the people on every location on the map.

Empire: Total War

Prepare to claim a piece of history in Empire: Total War. Players will find themselves thrust into the turbulent 18th century, an era of unrivaled military advancement and political turmoil. Empire: Total War advances the Total War series through multiple enhancements, including groundbreaking 3D naval combat.

Through streamlined and intuitive controls, players will command single vessels or massive fleets into battle across simulated oceans complete with dynamic weather effects.

Open fire with powerful cannons and then board enemy ships for close-quarters combat. Empire: Total War also includes numerous advancements such as enhanced Trade, Diplomacy and Espionage.

Players will also deploy new forces and troop types as cannons, muskets and new gunpowder advances change the way wars are fought. Empire: Total War uses an revolutionary graphics engine to render every conflict and victory in stunning detail.

Players will embark on a quest to bring down nations and forge powerful empires in a way never before seen.
  • New Era of Warfare: Set between 1700 and 1800, players will battle against a backdrop of technological advancement, social upheaval and political turmoil. Make your mark in history!
  • Revolutionary Naval Combat: New real-time battle system lets you control single vessels or massive armadas on the open sea. Use powerful cannons to splinter and sink enemy ships or use loyal troops to board and lay siege to vessels.
  • Legendary Battlefields - Massive landscapes and huge armies under your control change the course of history. Storm the fields of war with all new weapons such as the musket and artillery and unleash the thunderous cavalry.
  • Historical Campaign: Take charge of history in a campaign spanning three continents and featuring newly designed systems for Trade, Diplomacy, Missions and Espionage. Command the forces of ten playable factions including Britain, France, Spain, America and the Ottoman Empire.
  • Dynamic Weather: On land or sea, real-time weather effects will play integral roles in your strategy as you command your forces.
  • Cutting Edge Graphics: A completely new graphics engine renders real-time seascapes and ground-based landscapes like never before, as well as populating the battlefield with flora systems and destructable buildings.
  • Enhanced Multiplayer: The vastly improved multiplayer component features all-new player rankings, leagues and completely new gameplay modes.
  • Intuitive Battles: A compliment of interface enhancements and improvements let players dive in and focus on combat. Enjoy new tutorials and systems designed to let you command your forces with confidence!
  • Design the Conflict: A suit of all-new tools and editors make Empire: Total War the most customizable Total War game yet