Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Hadrian's Wall model

Hadrian's Wall: Geoblox offers a free download of a section of Hadrian's wall.

"At this scale, you will need 79 wall segments to make one Roman mile. To build the whole wall you would need 6400 models stretching 6/10 of a mile!" this picture shows one of the turrets although the free download is just the wall.

A book containing the complete wall along with other models from the ancient world for reproduction in the classroom is available for $26.

The Gallo-Roman Town of Glanum: Scale Architectual Paper Model

by Jean-Marie Lemaire and Anne-Marie Piaulet: "A precision three-dimensional paper model of the reconstructed town of Glanum, which is unique in the world. The roofs of the baths and that of one of the houses lift off to offer an insight of the interior layouts. An illustrated text gives historical information and step by step instructions for assembly, in English, French, German and Italian. There are 30 colored sheets to cut-out in order to build the model (scale 1:200, base 17.5 x 39.5 inches, height 6 inches)."