Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Rise of the Argonauts looks exciting

This game looks interesting and is even on sale now at! The story synopsis does not appear to follow the classic myth, though. Apparently, this is one of those "inspired by" titles.

Ed Del Castillo, president of Liquid Entertainment says, "we use these great myths and legends as our inspiration--our starting point--but we're making our own take on it where it serves gameplay, the story, and the player experience. The Jason myth is one of the only places in Greek myth that you get such a confluence of great heroes, so we're kind of assembling the X-Men of mythology. There's a rich backstory, there's incredible characters, but we're also using artistic license to take it to the next level--we couldn't pass up that opportunity."

An Epic Scale Greek Mythology RPG
As the King of Iolcus, Jason had everything – a prosperous kingdom, the respect of his peers and a beautiful fiance. But when she was assassinated on their wedding day, Jason vowed to take revenge on her killers – to do anything to restore her life and earn back the respect of his subjects.

To accomplish this heroic feat, Jason must seek out the Golden Fleece and with the help of Greek mythology’s greatest heroes, set sail on the most epic voyage of all.

Engage in Brutal Combat Against Beasts and Enemies!
An epic scale action RPG, Rise of the Argonauts immerses players in a gladiatorial adventure set in the vibrant and powerful world of Ancient Greece brought to life. Taking the role of Jason, players will battle alongside Hercules, Achilles and other Argonauts as they engage in brutal combat against formidable beasts and enemies, in a vast world alive with wondrous inhabitants and stunning panoramas.

The search for the Golden Fleece is not only one of exploration but of transformation: from warrior king to exalted hero touched by the gods.

Streamlined RPG Experience
Gamers will spend more time playing and less time micro-managing inventory and resources through a streamlined HUD and inventory system. Players can earn unique powers and abilities, but avoid tedious record keeping by dedicating deeds to a god of choice.

Characters become stronger with armor and weapons upgrades significant in scope, leaving enemies nearly helpless. Players must learn to appease the Gods and interact wisely with those they encounter , as decisions impact the story flow and available missions.

Unleash Devastating Attacks
Players will assemble the most effective team of Argonauts for each mission to put the best battle plan forward. Lethal combinations of weapons and powers granted by the Gods, combined with the battle-tested loyalty of the Argonauts, make Jason a devastating force in combat.

Players will change weapons on the fly to outmaneuver and inflict lethally devastating attacks on opponents, decapitating them with swords or cutting them in half with shields.

Mythological Ancient Greece Brought to Life
Players will battle deadly foes, fearsome opponents and legendary monsters while experiencing a living, breathing and vivid ancient world taking players far beyond the generic broken statues and ruins that so often define the myth.

The thrill of battle and intensity of action is strengthened through Tyler Bates’ (300 composer) epic musical score.

Here's a game trailer that introduces the characters:

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Amazon offers inexpensive (with free trials) game downloads

Amazon just announced a new game download service. Games can be tried out for free for 30 days or purchased outright for $9.99 or less. Naturally this game caught my attention. It sounds a lot like Caesar III but may be more level/episodic based. I love Caesar III but often I would like to play a game that does not take up so much time. I have found that games I can play in short snippets can be stress-relieving without adding guilt for spending so much time playing them!

"The fabulous lands of Caesar open their gates in front of you in this new puzzle game: Cradle of Rome! You are given the chance to build Ancient Rome, the most legendary city of all time! Play and conquer more than 100 addictive and intuitively designed levels, collecting and unlocking 8 original bonuses and many surprise features along the way. As you play more and earn enough money and supplies to buy larger buildings, you'll see your city grow into a vast and magnificent center of life, the heart of the antiquity!"