Monday, February 07, 2011

Romance of Rome Hidden Object Game for IPhone/IPad due Feb 17

Travel to every corner of the ancient city of Rome like Coliseum, Thermae, Forum and more, collect skillfully hidden items, earn money, get original trophies and complete challenging quests to earn love and worship of Roman citizens.  - Awem Studios

Gamers get to embark on an exciting journey along with Marcus as he makes his way to Rome in order to find the emperor’s valuable imperial relics and win his daughter’s hand in marriage. Merchants encountered along the way provide special items which are purchasable by gamers.

Romance of Rome boasts of including 30 dazzling levels as well as 7 adventurous episodes. All these events are strewn across 17 stunning locations all over Rome. - G5 Entertainment

I've actually  found hidden object games a fun way to spend time waiting in lines or at doctor's offices.  They're especially fun when the game developers use a historical setting as a backdrop.  I purchased one that features a search of the Vatican and downloaded another that takes place in ancient Mesopotamia.  I'll be setting a reminder to download this one on February 17!

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