Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Comic Book Artist Brendan McGinley Tackles Roman History

For those of you who may have found reading about the Punic Wars a bit dry, you may wish to take a look at Brendan McGinley's online web comic, "Hannibal Goes to Rome". I found the graphics quite energizing and appreciate his efforts at bringing Roman history to readers who prefer a visual approach to learning!

"I've always loved comics," Brendan explains, "and comics helped me fall in love with history. I can only recommend Larry Gonick's CARTOON HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE series, which taught me gobs about Roman history! But it was my inexplicable love of Carthage that led me to write Hannibal Goes to Rome. I guess I'm just fascinated by the idea that such a prevalent culture could be swept completely off the map, and even worse -- the history books. It made me wonder what other zeniths of human society are just whispers to the wind now. "

"You really have to respect Hannibal -- love, hate or fear him, he made for some audacious history! "

Check it out:

Shadowline Web Comics

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Imperium Romanum: Emperor Expansion Pack

"The Imperium Romanum: Emperor Expansion enables the player to travel through the ancient world, starting in Great Britain, passing through the wilds of Germania all the way to the fertile banks of the Nile in ancient Egypt.

16 challenging missions are divided into four campaigns which take place at well known historical sites such as Aque Sulis (Bath), Hadrian's Wall, Massilis (Marseilles) or Treverorum (Trier).

The Imperium Romanum: Emperor Expansion demands strategic and economic skills from the player if they are to become a successful governor.

The Emperor Expansion also requires the player to factor in the effects of religion and the all important Roman gods.

Additionally, the Add-On provides new and bigger maps, newly designed buildings, new tasks, and extended voice recordings.

Original Imperium Romanum required to play."