Monday, April 11, 2005

God of War (PS2) released

Winnipeg Sun: "You are cast (and cast is the best word, since the game is truly cinematic in its production values) as Kratos, a skilled and ruthless general in the Spartan army who strikes a deal with Ares, the god of war: Help me win a battle against a barbarian horde, and I'll be your willing servant forever.

But Ares turns Kratos into his earthly one-man killing machine, and only after the scarred, smooth-pated warrior has spilled oceans of innocent blood does he finally rebel against his master and embark on an epic quest to track down and slay a god.

As you travel from Athens to the home of the gods themselves, you'll fight mythic Greek monsters like minotaurs, harpies, medusae, cyclops, sirens, cerberuses (cerburi?) and legions of undead soldiers. The creatures are so radically different from one another that you'll quickly learn which weapons, magic and tactics are the most effective against each."