Thursday, August 14, 2008

Romans surge onto mobile phones

"Mobile games publisher HandyGames has revealed a bunch of new titles due for release in the second half of this year.

They include Romans and Barbarians, which will let you take part in battles between, yes, Romans and Barbarians. We're thinking a strategy game. Meanwhile, AD 1066 will focus on the Norman invasion of England."

I checked out HandyGames and found several other history-related titles including "Kingdom of Heaven" and "Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull" based on the popular movies. The "Kingdom of Heaven" game description says "As a terrible siege begins, Balian and Sibylla must rally the people of
Jerusalem. If the city despairs, all will be lost. As one of these
heroes, you must lead as many of the citizens to safety as you can, as
quickly as you can." For a cell phone game the graphics aren't that crude either.

I checked their strategy titles and found they even have a mobile version of my old favorite Roman city-building game "Caesar".

These and dozens of other games are available from Jamster through their game, ringtones, and wallpaper subscription service for $9.99 per month. Parent warning - this website also offers adult content. I recommend supervision if your child wants to subscribe to this service for games for their cell phone.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Murder in the Abbey

Thou Shalt Not Kill!
Monks, murder, and above all, suspense. An old abbey is the scene of a series of mysterious murders, and only one man
can put a stop to the slaughter.

Former Grand Inquisitor Leonardo and his assistant Bruno are sent by the Vatican to the isolated abbey to investigate the strange goings-on surrounding a carefully guarded secret.

Yet hardly have they arrived when their quest is overshadowed by an attempt on their lives...

Murder in the Abbey is a mystery of cinematic proportions whose suspense goes far beyond that of a conventional adventure game!

• Innovative cinematic presentation through a new method of combining 2D and 3D graphics
• A faithful reproduction of a medieval abbey, its architecture, works of art, secret passageways and treasures
• Music, effects, top-quality voiceovers and over 70 minutes of orchestral soundtrack recorded by the Prague
Symphony Orchestra, all in Dolby Surround Sound
• 1000 scenes in 60 locations promise 40 hours of gameplay
• Unique setting and presentation offers a fresh approach for adventure gamers

Scheduled for release August 19, 2008.

Egypt II: The Heliopolis Prophecy

Helipolis, the City of the Sun and one of the most important capitals of Egypt is in crisis, as a terrifying epidemic threatens to destroy this prestigious city.

Begin your quest for the truth and search for the remedy to save the inhabitants of Heliopolis. Travel through the land of the pyramids and marvel at the wondrous architecture. Witness the beautiful graphical backdrops as you attempt to solve interwoven puzzles and challenges.

  • Full screen panoramic graphics in first person perspective
  • Interact with numerous characters and explore many exciting places
  • Fluid animation and realistic voice-sync technology
  • Original soundtrack beautifully mixing ancient sounds and modern composition