Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ministry of War online strategy game latest offering from Aeria Games

Aeria Games has launched its latest browser based game Ministry of War, an empire-building strategy and tactical warfare game in which players have the option of choosing from four ancient civilizations such as Rome, China, Persia, and Egypt, with the ability to play through five different ages: Savage, Dark, Feudal, Castle and Empire. 

Features include:
  • Eight different types of real-time combat, including PvE, PvP, city sieges, and NPC boss battles.
  • As each player's civilization expands, they can join guilds and partake in massive civilization vs. civilization (CvC) warfare.
  • Increase your cultural influence by building religious sites and dispatching missionaries to help your civilization grow.
  • No download or client required, Ministry of War can be played through a web browser
Although the game is advertised as "free to play", like all of the Aeria games, the game environment includes  in-game "malls" or advertising offering items for sale (for real money) to help you advance in the game, the game publisher's actual source of revenue (much like Second Life).
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