Friday, March 04, 2011

Slitherine releases Field of Glory Legions Triumphant Expansion Pack

Legions Triumphant: Field of Glory Imperial Rome Army List
Field of Glory Legions Triumphant
 (Field of Glory Expansion Pack) is now available to download from Slitherine

Relive the glory years of Rome in this latest Field of Glory expansion. Developed by Hexwar, Legions Triumphant is the fifth installment in the Field of Glory series of add-ons, following on from Rise of Rome, Storm of Arrows, Swords and Scimitars, and Immortal Fire.

The expansion releases on both PC and Mac formats and comes with a huge number of changes incorporated in the latest product update 1.5.0 which is launching alongside Legions Triumphant. Some new features coming in the 1.5.0 update include the release of the Digital Army Generator to all owners Field of Glory (including those who don’t own any expansions!), new D.A.G. army lists especially for owners of Rise of Rome, and a few more new things.

Field of Glory Legions Triumphant covers the armies of the Roman Empire and its opponents from 25 BC to 493 AD: From the first Emperor, Augustus, until the final demise of the Western Roman Empire. Legions Triumphant lets you relive the glory years of Rome, when the Roman army became a seemingly unstoppable juggernaut, spreading the Empire across the known world. This is an essential companion to the Field of Glory experience. Choose to play as the Roman Legions and conquer the world, or try to change history by taking up the reins of one of Rome's enemies and defeating the greatest empire the world had ever seen.

New features include:
• A new map selections tool. The player winning the initiative can now select their preferred battlefield.
• 14 new random maps to the D.A.G. battles system. There are now 41 small maps, 111 medium sized maps and 73 large maps in the D.A.G. system.
• 22 Legions Triumphant D.A.G. lists in 47 variations from Principate Roman to Hephthalite Hunnic.
• 15 new battles stretching from Bibracte (58BC) to Mons Badonicus (517AD)

For a short time Slitherine is also offering a 20% discount on orders.

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