Thursday, April 02, 2009

Empire: Total War

Prepare to claim a piece of history in Empire: Total War. Players will find themselves thrust into the turbulent 18th century, an era of unrivaled military advancement and political turmoil. Empire: Total War advances the Total War series through multiple enhancements, including groundbreaking 3D naval combat.

Through streamlined and intuitive controls, players will command single vessels or massive fleets into battle across simulated oceans complete with dynamic weather effects.

Open fire with powerful cannons and then board enemy ships for close-quarters combat. Empire: Total War also includes numerous advancements such as enhanced Trade, Diplomacy and Espionage.

Players will also deploy new forces and troop types as cannons, muskets and new gunpowder advances change the way wars are fought. Empire: Total War uses an revolutionary graphics engine to render every conflict and victory in stunning detail.

Players will embark on a quest to bring down nations and forge powerful empires in a way never before seen.
  • New Era of Warfare: Set between 1700 and 1800, players will battle against a backdrop of technological advancement, social upheaval and political turmoil. Make your mark in history!
  • Revolutionary Naval Combat: New real-time battle system lets you control single vessels or massive armadas on the open sea. Use powerful cannons to splinter and sink enemy ships or use loyal troops to board and lay siege to vessels.
  • Legendary Battlefields - Massive landscapes and huge armies under your control change the course of history. Storm the fields of war with all new weapons such as the musket and artillery and unleash the thunderous cavalry.
  • Historical Campaign: Take charge of history in a campaign spanning three continents and featuring newly designed systems for Trade, Diplomacy, Missions and Espionage. Command the forces of ten playable factions including Britain, France, Spain, America and the Ottoman Empire.
  • Dynamic Weather: On land or sea, real-time weather effects will play integral roles in your strategy as you command your forces.
  • Cutting Edge Graphics: A completely new graphics engine renders real-time seascapes and ground-based landscapes like never before, as well as populating the battlefield with flora systems and destructable buildings.
  • Enhanced Multiplayer: The vastly improved multiplayer component features all-new player rankings, leagues and completely new gameplay modes.
  • Intuitive Battles: A compliment of interface enhancements and improvements let players dive in and focus on combat. Enjoy new tutorials and systems designed to let you command your forces with confidence!
  • Design the Conflict: A suit of all-new tools and editors make Empire: Total War the most customizable Total War game yet

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