Monday, November 20, 2006

Ignite to offer Myrmillo and other Gladiator 12" figures

I was checking the Ignite site for new releases and noticed that they will be offering a series of gladiator figures including a Myrmillo and Retiarius. Although Ignite figures are quite a bit more expensive ($75 and up) then 12" figures offered by Dragon and Sideshow, their figures include real metal accessories.

Recently I took advantage of a 30% off sale of Ignite figures at Michigan Toy Soldiers and managed to get the new Julius Caesar figure and a Roman Vexillarius, the standard bearer for the legion. The Vexillarius is wonderfully detailed. I only wish his wolf skin headdress was made of faux fur instead of soft vinyl.

The Julius Caesar figure's costume was puzzling - a white cuirass and caligae with a conical helmet sporting wings??? I have never read about this attire anywhere so am a bit skeptical although Ignite prides itself on its figures' historical accuracy. I think I prefer to email them and see if I can get a standard Roman officer's helmet for him.

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