Friday, January 20, 2006

I see Slitherine Software is working on a sequel to Legion entitled Legion II: Civilizaton and Empire. It is scheduled for a 2007 release. The developers at Slitherine say you will be able to:

  • Found new cities & improve existing ones with a choice of hundreds of different buildings.

  • Explore the vast campaign map, discover continents, meet new tribes and locate rare resources.

  • Use the random map generator for endless replay value.

  • Research new technologies, build new structures and recruit new troops.

  • Send diplomats to negotiate, spy, broker peace deals & provoke wars.

  • Allocate workers & keep them happy to prevent riots and revolts.

  • Withstand droughts, floods and religious unrest along with a wide range of external influences.

  • Win by total domination or by completing missions.

  • Recruit great leaders to command your troops.

  • Build fortresses and besiege enemy strongholds.

  • Undertake epic construction projects to impress your people and other civilizations, which bestow great benefits.

Sounds promising to me!

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