Wednesday, December 28, 2005

India's new export: video games

India's new export: video games: "With multiple limbs and each hand wielding a different weapon, the fearsome Indian warrior-goddess Kali is a natural video-game character. And next year, Kali will be coming to game consoles, PCs, and mobile phones around the globe.

Indiagames, a Mumbai-based company, is currently working the goddess into the first original, Indian-themed game for international audiences.

Kali is appearing in the forthcoming Emperor Ashoka (pronounced 'Ah-shoke,' with the 'a' silent), which recreates battles from the life of a legendary Indian king who lived in the third century B.C. The game allows players to engage in bloody historic battles based in ancient temples and other antique environments.

Some mythical creatures are also thrown in -- in addition to Kali, there are gargoyle-like interpretations of the voluptuous female statues that adorn sacred buildings in India, who come alive and fight. "We wanted to have an edge," says Indiagames CEO Vishal Gondal. "It's a storyline that hasn't been seen before."

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