Monday, October 10, 2005

Spartan: Total Warrior Preview

GameSpot: "...typical of many [scenarios] that we saw during our time with Spartan: Total Warrior, one of the first level scenarios tasked us with dealing with multiple objectives simultaneously. Roman soldiers were scaling the walls of Sparta and threatening to breach a gate into the city, and while defending the gate was our top priority, we also needed to ensure the safety of the king, who had decided to enter the fray on the ramparts. To stand a chance of completing either of the objectives successfully, we had to make regular trips to a second gate where Spartan reinforcements would arrive at regular intervals. The action didn't let up for a second, and the number of soldiers onscreen simultaneously was easily in excess of a hundred at times. This might be a good time for us to point out that the bodies of your enemies don't mysteriously vanish in Spartan: Total Warrior, so after slaughtering an entire army, you'll have an opportunity to step back and admire your bloody handiwork littering the battlefield.

The first level concluded with a boss battle of sorts, when the Roman army summoned Talos--a giant bronze soldier from Greek mythology who stood taller than Sparta's defensive walls. As the statue advanced toward our position, we not only had to use catapults to fire at it whenever our comrades announced that the catapults were ready for use, but we also had to use a cauldron to pour something hot and nasty onto enemy engineers as they attempted to breach the city gates. Roman soldiers were still scaling the walls at this point, so any time we weren't needed to fire catapults or man the cauldron, there was plenty going on to keep us busy."

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