Monday, October 10, 2005

Gods and Heroes - Rome Rising

Gods and Heroes - Game Information: "Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising? is set in the early days of Rome's eventual march to greatness - circa 300 B.C. Rome is a City State still developing its military and cultural strengths and beginning to feel its ambition for expansion and conquest. To fulfill its goals Rome will strive to extend her borders and influence - creating enemies both near and far.

Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising? offers vast persistent territory and hundreds of dynamically generated areas that span a wide variety of the known and Mythological worlds - offering a huge range of terrain types including cities, towns, farmland, forests, mountains, high-alpine artic regions, marshes, seashores, northern frontiers, islands, and Mythological Realms.

Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising? will offer a vast number and variety of quests - over 1,200 at launch.

Rome Quests are those offered by Senators, Officials, Generals, and citizens of Rome. As a Hero of Rome, all players will be asked to serve, expand, and protect their country.

God Quests are those offered by the gods - both allied and opposing. As a Favorite of the gods, all players will be asked to complete tasks both large and small in service of the god's wishes and demands...and whims.

Epics Quests: every Hero in Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising? is on a game-spanning Epic Quest path. On top of all that a Hero may choose to do for his country or god, he or she is destine to fulfill a path of challenges, trials, and tests that span across all levels and lead to that character's ultimate reward."

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