Friday, September 30, 2005

Superscape brings Gladiator Game to the Cell Phone

"Gladiator, modeled after the Ridley Scott-directed movie, allows gamers to slip into the scandals of disgraced Roman general Maximus as his rises again as a gladiator in the most vicious bloodsport of ancient times.

The game begins in the heart of the barbarian battle that opens the movie. Gladiator is not a straight forward action game -- it is more of a tactics game where you must move the general around the map square by square, balancing the amount of time and energy expended on movement with that used for fighting. For example, the reviewer spied a barbarian across the forest landscape, but to walk all the way to him would have put the player in harm's way without any time to attack.

After finishing up the forest battle, the game moves into Maximus' fall. Soon, you find yourself cast into battles in the great arenas of Italy, including the Coliseum in Rome. Maximus must battle both human gladiators and animals, using a variety of weapons like maces, spears, swords, and hammers.

According to Superscape, the game also measures the love of the crowd. The better you perform in the arena, the more extras you can unlock. It stands to give this game some replay value, which is already looking like a lengthy play."

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