Thursday, September 29, 2005

Slitherine announces Gold release of Legion: Arena

Recruit and train your troops
* Buy equipment and choose their skills. Over 100 skills to choose from!
* Personalise the appearance of each squad by selecting their textures
* Command vast armies in epic 3D battles
* Earn experience and denari for your victories
* Two campaign paths - play as Romans or Gauls. Get drawn into the story of the rise of Rome.
* Over 100 scenarios
* Over 20 unique unit types including Legionaries, Praetorians, Elephants and Naked Fanatics.
* Special effects including water, particles, lighting & night battles, weather and grass
* Detailed combat model designed by a double world wargaming champion.
* Deploy your troops and issue orders before battle.
* Real time control in battle using the innovative order time system
* Every unit has strengths and weaknesses. Learn how to use your strengths and exploit your enemies weaknesses.
* Real terrain effects - cavalry are weaker in woods, light infantry are weaker in the open.
* Easy to learn, hard to master.

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