Tuesday, May 17, 2005

TunisUSA offers reasonably priced tours of Carthage and other Roman sites

My trip to Rome must have really stirred up my wanderlust. I keep finding websites describing fascinating tours of ancient Roman sites. Here's another one:

TunisUSA is offering a seven night package concentrating on the northern portion of Tunisia and the legacy of the Roman period. The adventure includes a visit to the Bardo Museum.

"Housed in a former palace of the Ottoman Bey, the Bardo houses a world-class collection of mosaics, along with many remains found in sites throughout Tunisia."

It also includes Bulla Regia and Dougga.

"Dating from the fourth century, BC, Bulla Regia has beautifully preserved underground villas, built to provide an escape from the hot summers. Dougga is Tunisia's largest Roman site, covering some sixty acres. Known as the city of temples, its existence is thought to date back to the 4th century B.C."

You will also have the opportunity to visit the Roman coliseum of El Jem.

"Known in Punic and Roman times as Thysdrus, the approach to El Jem offers a scene of contrasts, due to the setting of the site amidst the barren and simple surroundings of the present day town. The coliseum appears better preserved than the one in Rome and certainly, has seen far less numbers of tourists over the years."

At a price of $1,695 including all meals, lodging, transportation, and admissions for eight days, it's a pretty reasonable excursion.

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