Friday, May 27, 2005

Tin Soldiers: Julius Caesar

Matrix Games"Tin Soldiers: Julius Caesar brings a completely new 3D engine into the battle, allowing users to zoom in, out, and rotate the map for a better view of the battlefield. The artwork overhaul features over 100 different replicas of hand-painted miniatures, including the fearsome legions of Caesar himself. On the inside of the game the AI has been overhauled as well to support a variety of battle formations while the legions of Caesar have been expanded from the normal block of four units to a more powerful block of six. This allows you to replicate the power and strength the Roman legions possessed.

* The complete conquests of Julius Caesar including his Gallic War campaign (58 B.C.E. to 50 B.C.E) and the Roman Civil War (49 B.C.E. to 44 B.C.E.)
* 14 battles including: Helvetii, Ariovistus, Britain, Gergovia, Nervii, Avaricum, Alesia, Ilerda, Dyrrachium, Pharsalus, Egypt, Zela, Thapsus and Munda
* Complete your conquest through a non-linear campaign
* Historic battlefields and units
* Fully rendered in beautiful 3D with free camera rotation
* Based on a unique miniature tabletop look and game play
* Fast action rules with support for legions and legion formation
* Command the entire army of Julius Caesar with an emphasis on tactical warfare
* Objective-based scenarios giving you the opportunity to defend, capture and assassinate your opponents
* Over 150 individually detailed units from Caesar?s famous Legion X to the tribes of Gaul
* Modern AI that is the master of tactical strategy ? adjusts to three levels of difficulty
* Internet/LAN multiplayer support"

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