Wednesday, December 22, 2004

New King Arthur DVD worth a look

I watched the new "King Arthur' DVD last night and found that the Extended Edition Director's cut was much less choppy than the version that was shown in theaters. The DVD also includes a version with director commentary and an alternate ending that I hope to have time to view this weekend. Hopefully it will dispense with the cheesy "wedding" finale.

When I viewed the film last night I was able to listen more intently to the dialogue as well. Clive Owen was forced to speak such formal stilted passages that it was as if he was given expansive Shakespearean lines that contrasted too starkly with the more pedantic dialogue of the other characters.

The extended edition also emphasized Arthur's admiration for Pelagius as a basis for his world view. I was unfamiliar with the teachings of Pelagius so I did a little research and found some interesting articles at:

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