Friday, September 03, 2004

Free Pharos Lighthouse Model Available

"It was a monument, a tourist attraction, a brilliant business venture and a wonder of the ancient world. In many languages Pharos is still the word for lighthouse. The tiny island of Pharos was chosen by Ptolemy Soter around 290 BC to construct the great tower that would guide ships safely into the harbor of Alexandria (his capitol). It took twenty years to build and by the time it was completed Ptolemy Soter had died and been succeeded by Ptolemy Philadelphus The architect was Sostratus, a contemporary of Euclid. One of the many legends surrounding the Pharos says that Sostratus wanted to have his name engraved on the monument but Ptolemy (which one?) said his name and only his was to be engraved upon it's base. Sostratus got the last laugh by engraving his own name then covering it with plaster and engraving Ptolemy's name over it. Long after the death of both men the plaster chipped away as Sostratus knew it would leaving his name for history."

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