Friday, August 27, 2004

Excitement Continues to Build for Rome: Total War

"This game is not for the timid, nor for the twitch strategic gamers. Rome is a complex meeting of tactics and deep strategy on a global level. Activision and Creative Assembly gave us the opportunity to sit down and check out both of these aspects in the single player campaign mode. The mix and harmony between those two elements is quite impressive. Those decisions you make on the overland map have a tangible effect to the battlefield.

When selecting the campaign, players will immediately be introduced to the land and the Roman philosophy with a cutscene. After that short break, the campaign immediately begins with players taking the role of a member of Roman House of Julii. Your job will be to protect and expand the Roman borders while taking care of business for the senate via missions. For instance, the Senate had me taking trips into Carthaginian and Greek territories in order to broaden the Roman horizons. This isn't a great way to make friends, but Romans don't really need friends. They need subjects."

I had to laugh at the caption for this image: "Invade a city and watch it burn!"

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