Thursday, May 13, 2004

Australian game producer awarded "King Arthur" contract

"Jerry Bruckheimer, producer of upcoming Hollywood epic, "King Arthur", has given Australian game company Krome the responsibility of turning the movie into a quality game. John told us that Mr. Bruckheimer's production team worked hand-in-hand with Krome in order to give the game the same feel as the movie: actual voice recordings from the film, extra dialogue just for the game, headscans modeled directly from the original actors and consistent input between the studio and the developer. Apparently the game will follow the same storyline as the movie, which pits Arthur (a Roman originally named Arturius) and 'Celtic battle queen' Guinevere against the Roman empire, which the developers say is more closely related to original historical context rather than the magic and fantasy elements of other Arthur-related movies such as Excalibur or more romantic endeavors like First Knight. The developers say the game should have a release in time for the release of the DVD sometime around Christmas. King Arthur will be published by Konami."

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