Monday, March 01, 2004

Mahdavi Toys Produces Heroes of the Trojan War

Mahdavi Toys is scheduled to launch a line of educational action figures called Trojan Legends, based on the heroes of the Trojan War. Kids will enjoy playing with these life-like figures, which come dressed in authentic attire. The figures, which include Achilles, Odysseus, Hector and Aeneas, will be launched in conjunction with the Warner Bros. Major motion picture epic Troy, starring Brad Pitt as Achilles. Additionally, a video game produced by Mahdavi Toys will be launched immediately preceding the release of the movie. "

They are also planning to release Troy the Video Game, a Real Time Strategy game that will let players create a personal epic intertwined with the story of the Trojan War. Its unique fusion of strategy and role-playing is designed to create an integrated game-play experience that will appeal to an extremely broad range of players from fans of the Warcraft™ and Total War™ series of tactical-strategic games all the way to players of role-playing inspired games such as Neverwinter Nights™ and Everquest™. Ultimately Troy the Video Game is a game which embraces the theme and feel of the Trojan War to create a bold new world for players to discover. The game can be played in as many different ways as there are players and is open-ended enough that no two people will ever find themselves having exactly the same game play experience.

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