Monday, February 02, 2004


"In Stormcloud Creations' Coliseum players will get the chance to become those managers. You'll guide three young warriors and with rigorous training, and a little dose of the Gods own luck, transform them into seasoned veterans of the Coliseum circuit.
Gameplay is resolved using an extremely detailed text based simulation engine. Every aspect of being an Arena manager is covered, from the basics of training your warriors to dealing with disease and injury.
Warriors will age over time, and even run the risk of getting in trouble outside the Arena (something that never happens in real life sports, now does it?).
With combat taking place with a real-time, blow by blow account drawn from literally hundreds of thousands of vivid descriptions, no two games will ever play the same.
Factor in all the other elements (hundreds of diseases and injuries, the realistic aging system, budget constraints, outside events, free agents) and you have a game with infinite possibilities!"

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