Thursday, November 13, 2003

Gladius boasts complex game play although graphics and sound mediocre

"Gladius is a game with mediocre graphics and sound but its addictiveness makes it one of the most serious hour-suckers out there. Loosely based on Ancient Rome's gladiators, Gladius is a turn-based combat game that incorporates many role-playing aspects. Players control a school of gladiators, and are responsible for equipping them and picking their skills and abilities as they advance through levels. The equipment, skills and abilities, are used, of course, in combat against other schools and assorted opponents in the gladiatorial arena."

"While only the fate of the main, player-selected character really matters, as head of a gladiator school, players will actually end up in control of a small army."

"The game's rules are so complex that no amount of explaining here can do them justice. To boil it down: Players have the option of entering their school in various leagues and tournaments, where they fight against other schools or enemies for prizes. Doing well gets characters money to buy better equipment, and it leads to them advancing in levels and gaining new abilities."

"The abilities are legion, as are the various character classes available. Gladiators can be bandits, legionnaires, arcane spellcasters and spear-toting support specialists, to name just a few. Abilities run the gamut from combo attacks to evasion skills to motivational powers."

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