Friday, July 18, 2003

Celts join the Civilizations "AGAINST ROME"

"At the time of the migration of nations there was only one place in the whole of Europe where the Celts could live in freedom: the British Isles or rather those parts of the British Isles that weren't under the command of the Romans.
Celtic nations had already discovered and settled throughout the entire continent at a time when the Roman empire was still a faraway dream and the Teutonic tribes still froze in Scandinavia. They still however had to make way for the foreign powers which invaded their lands, sometimes as part of a plan and sometimes not. After the Romans had first conquered the Gallic and then the Spanish Celtic nations, the fate of the one-time rulers of Europe seemed to be finally sealed.
It was only on the British Isles that some free Celtic nations could stand up for themselves. Knowing that they would never regain their old power, they waited for an opportunity to drag the Roman empire that had dealt them the deadly blow, together down with them to their downfall."

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