Thursday, March 27, 2003

Save The Leopards

The Romans passion for wild beast hunts during the games in their amphitheaters resulted in the extinction of a number of species of animals once found within the realm of the Roman Empire. Buka Entertainment of Russia has partnered with the World Wildlife Fund to use a game to encourage players to develop strategies to conserve a particular wildlife species.

"This unique game represents a model of absolutely real situation with leopards population. At the very beginning of the game you are given certain monetary funds and you should use them properly to save the remaining leopards in the Far East: you may spend them on fire-fighting, forest reserves and etc. You are free to choose a strategy, but remember: if you manage to heighten leopards population from 30 up to 100 units within 30 years you win! Afterwards you may report about the strategy you invented for leopards saving to the WWF executives."

I also noticed that JoWood Productions is planning to release a game called WildlifePark that also looks promising. The first strategy game I ever played (that hooked me on strategy games) was called "Eco: East Africa" where you are the administrator of a wildlife preserve in East Africa and must juggle the needs of the animals, local villagers, tourists, researchers, etc. and build a successful preserve with a diverse, thriving population of animals.

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