Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Golden Horde offers strategy and beautiful imagery

I enjoyed reading Conn Iggulden's "Genghis" novels so much that I couldn't pass this one up when GoGamer offered it for only $9.90 in one of their 48-hour Madness sales!

Lead armored crusaders, flexible Mongolians or impregnable Russians into historic battles!

The Scenario is based on a on the events which took place in Europe, central Asia and Russia at the beginning of the XIII century.

The game will offer recreated versions of famous battles and political crises as well as an epic campaign which outcome is yours to determine.

Thanks to sophisticated RPG elements, individual Heroes, fancy graphics and easy controls The Golden Horde offers a perfect access to the real-time strategy genre in the exotic setting of the early middle ages in Europe and Asia.

Historic Basis
The game is based on true historic facts, conflicts and battles.

Three different Factions
Crusaders, Mongolians und Russians. They differ in types of military forces, buildings and combat as well as unique heroes with individual abilities.

Takeover of Enemy Units and Weapons
Take control over neutral horses or their slain riders’ weapon.

Equipment "on the fly"
Provide your warriors with new weapons or switch them directly on the battlefield.

Weather is a Central Element
Wind affects the flight qualities of arrows. Rain greatly affects the visibility Snow slows down units, which may even break through the Ice of frozen lakes. - GoGamer


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