Thursday, December 18, 2008

Prince of Persia 2008 wows game reviewer

I'm sure glad this game reviewer clarified that the latest Prince of Persia is a new release and not just a rehash of the 1989 original. The graphics are obviously outstanding and he praises the dialogue and character interactions as well.

A snippet of a very extensive review:

Prince of Persia is a delight to behold. The game’s scenes cover the full spectrum of classic “desert epic” settings, carrying the player through deep caverns, sprawling wastelands, grand and towering palaces, and ancient cities of stone. Given the series’ reliance on platforming and acrobatic movement, of course, all of these areas have extremely vertical layouts: Players can expect to scale impossibly tall towers, climb and run on massive walls, and even reach the sky atop a series of dirigible-carried platforms. They may not be as crisp and shiny as the tall rooftops of Mirror’s Edge, but they’re extremely colorful and pretty to look at — and thanks to the unlikely and perilous ways in which one must navigate these areas, there are still plenty of vertigo-inducing moments.

The characters, too, are rendered quite nicely, using an effect akin to cel-shading to let them stand out against the scenery while still providing a high level of detail to their costumes and faces. Their animation is suitably fluid and spirited, and during cut-scenes, their faces exude an appreciable range of emotion, infusing each character with charm, confidence, vulnerability, or menace, as appropriate. More than anything, though, the characters are brought to life through the game’s spectacular writing and voice acting. - More


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