Sunday, December 07, 2008


Municipium"A prime mechanism of Roman expansion and control in the provinces (and
in Italy during the conquest of the peninsula c. 500 -- 265 BC) was the
municipium (later the colonia), the premiere Roman provincial town. The
game takes place in one of these municipalities.
Players are each in control of a powerful family and try to
strategically place their family members in the various institutions
throughout the municipium and gain the support of the citizens;
Scholars, Merchants, Soldiers, Priests and possibly even the Praefect.
At various times in the game, if a player has the most influence in an
institution, the player can exert the power of that institution and
gain the support of certain citizens. Meanwhile, the preafect moves
around the municipium and players strive to have the most influence in
the institution that he visits, thereby earning his favour. There are
seven institutions; Temple, Baths, Emporium, Praetorium, Tavern,
Basilica and Forum, each of which have their unique powers with which
players must decide how and when to use in an attempt to become the
most influential family in the municipium.
Complete artwork by Mike Doyle. This is a 3 -- 5 player game with a
playing time of approximately 40 - 70 minutes."

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