Monday, October 10, 2005

ALEXANDER: The Hero's Hour

"Alexander is an action role-playing game featuring breathtakingly lavish 3D graphics. The player travels to historical Greece and further important locations contemporary with the great commander. Here, he partakes in Alexander's heroic deeds, even playing the Macedon king's part - as well as those of Alexander's most trusted friends. This elite special operations unit is regularly involved in particularly challenging or difficile warfare missions. Next to improving the heroes' special abilities a well- planned approach and skillful use of the element of surprise are equally important in order to prevail in battle and complete the varied missions."

An epic game of heroes, elite warriors, brave women and, of course, Alexander:
* Fantastic, varied and highly detailed 3D graphics
* Lead your heroes on a campaign including exciting special missions
* Action-packed, demanding battles at monumental historical locations
* Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of ancient Greece
* Do battle side-by-side with Alexander the Great and his closest friends

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