Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Spartan: Total Warrior to debut on PS2

GameSpot: "Unlike previous "Total War" titles, this new offshoot will cast you as a lone Spartan warrior fighting alongside Greek forces against the advances of the power-hungry Roman Empire.

Your objective will rarely be a version of 'kill all the enemies to proceed'--rather, each mission will present you with a progression of specific tasks to complete as you cut down the Roman throng. You may be asked to eliminate a series of enemy commanders, then escort a couple of sappers to place explosives at the bases of guard towers, then ignite those explosives to take out the towers and secure the area. Later you juggle several objectives at once, such as preventing Roman troops from breaching the gate , while at the same time firing a series of catapults to take down a massive an approaching walking statue. The game will purportedly be unafraid to make you face multiple objectives at once, which should help to heighten the already frantic pace of the battles."

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