Friday, May 06, 2005

Greek Hoplite joins Ignite figure lineup

Ignite Industrial Co., Ltd."Hoplites were the heavy infantry of the Greek city-states who fought in the columnar formation of the phalanx. Fighting in mass was hardly original ycenean and Near Eastern armies had done that for centuries. But from the eighth century b.c. , the Greeks of the polis (city-state) refined the earlier loosely organized mob into neater lines and files, each propertied citizen now claiming an equal slot in the phalanx, a seat in the council chamber, and a plot in the countryside."

The Ignite figure features a real metal muscle cuirass, Corinthian helmet, sword, and greaves along with a spear with a real metal spear point. The preferred customer preorder price at Michigan Toy Soldier has been quoted at $63.70 plus $8.50 shipping.

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