Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Gates of Troy Demo Released

Gates of Troy Demo has been released.

Gates of Troy is the sequel to the award winning turn based strategy game
Spartan. Gates of Troy covers the time before history in Greece when the
Trojan Wars were fought & heroes were made. Play as Achilles in control of
his Myrmidon warriors, or as Paris, prince of Troy, defending the woman he

The Gates of Troy demo has 3 tutorial scenarios, and two playable campaigns.
The pass of Thermopylae campaign puts you in control of 300 Spartans, and
their allies under King Leonidas and you must defend the pass for 20 turns
against the Persian horde. This small campaign is recreated on a one for one
scale with history, which will please history buffs immensely. The Crete
campaign allows you to focus on empire building & development rather than

The demo is limited to 30 turns or 5 battles.

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