Thursday, December 18, 2003

Pax Romana Now Available

Pax Romana is a game with two modes, Strategic and Political. In the Strategic mode, you take over Rome's destiny and will strive to achieve her domination over the ancient world.

In the Political mode, you take the role of the leader of a political faction in the Roman republic, circa 275 AD. Use machiavellian politicking, expert resource management and combat ability to guide your fellow Roman citizens through 250 years of Ancient history, until the advent of the Roman Empire. Players impersonate a famous historical character from ancient Rome (Caesar, Pompeius, Cicero, Scipio, Cato, etc…), leading a political faction of noble patricians, with different scenarios of variable length, spread over a time period from the Fall of Tarentum (275 BC) to the Roman Civil War (44 BC). To win, you must become Augustus at the advent of the Roman Empire, provided Rome has survived and won.

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